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Mersey Gateway

The scheme started on 7th May 2014.  The scheme is to build a second road crossing over the Mersey.  The second road crossing will be a new six-lane toll bridge between the towns of Runcorn and Widnes.  The Mersey Gateway will bring much needed traffic relief for the existing Silver Jubilee Bridge and will lead the infrastructure investments required to deliver regeneration of Halton and the North West.  Currently, 80,000 vehicles use the Silver

Jubilee Bridge, ten times the number it was originally designed for.

The main objectives of the scheme is to reduce the congestion over the Silver Jubilee Bridge, improve accessibility in order to maximise local development and regional economic growth for the area, improve public transport links, improve the air quality and general urban environment, increase the use of cycling and walking and restore effective network resilience for road transport over the River Mersey


Roocroft Scope of Work

Supply and erect up to 14km of steel VRS

Supply and erect over 100 Terminals

Supply and installation of the Concrete Barrier over the new bridge on both verges and in the centre reserve, approximately 9km.  Our scope of work includes supply and installation of all transitions and includes the steel step barrier


A556 Knutsford to Bowdon Scheme

The scheme is to construct a new 4.5 mile trunk road between Knutsford and Bowdon to create a modern dual carriageway road.  The existing A556 will be made into a single carriageway road with facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.


The section of A556 to be improved is between the M6 junction 19 and the M56 junction 7.  The scheme also includes improvements to junction 7 of the M56.  The scheme started on 10th November 2014 and will continue up to the winter of 2016/17

Currently the A556 carries over 51,000 vehicles daily, with HGV’s contributing to 11% of this figure. 


The section of the A556 we are improving is mainly single lane carriageway with sections of dual carriageway with access on to the road from numerous properties and fields.  There are two main junctions on this section, Bucklow Hill junction and Mere junction.  Both junctions are controlled by traffic lights.  Traffic is severely congested at peak times, during road works and during emergency situations i.e. after a traffic accident. 


The new road will address the congestion problems and reduce the number of accidents within the area.  The air quality will also be improved


Roocroft Scope of Works

  • Supply and erect over 10km of steel VRS

  • Supply and erect up to 9km of Concrete Step Barrier

  • Supply and lay over 14km of concrete V Channel

A19/A1058 Coast Road Junction Improvement Project


Why We Need This Scheme

The junction suffers peak time congestion with delays of over 4 minutes per vehicle on the A19 southbound approach.  The accident rate at this junction is higher than the national average (2008 – 2012)


The Scheme in Detail

The scheme aims to realign the A19 under the existing roundabout and construct slip roads to allow the A19/A1058 to provide access to the junction to and from the lowered A19.  Three new single span structures will be constructed to allow the A1058

Coast Road and A19 roundabout to cross over the newly re-aligned A19.  Retaining walls will be constructed to reduce the amount of new land the new layout will require.  New street furniture and infrastructure will be installed.  The facilities for cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians will be enhanced, with the addition of concrete barrier in the centre reserve, improved drainage, pavements, road lighting, traffic signals, signs, road markings and CCTV.  Middle Engine Lane Railway Bridge will be widened to accommodate the A19 north facing slip roads


The Aims


The aim of the scheme is to reduce congestion, increase capacity, improve road journey times, safety, support regeneration in the local area and maintain and improve facilities for the pedestrians and cyclists travelling along the route


Roocroft Package

  • 2,700m of new steel vehicle restraint systems

  • 31 terminals

  • 28 transitions

  • 364m of new parapet

  • 1,000m of new pedestrian guardrails

  • 700m of new tubular handrail

  • 975m of standard concrete barrier

  • 800m of new trough wide concrete barrier

M6 Junctions 10a to 13 All Lane Running Scheme (Smart Motorway)


Project Description


Location: Area 9


Client: CarillionProject


Details: Working to improve the M6 by making it a "smart motorway" between junctions 10a and 13. Smart motorways (previously known as managed motorways) help relieve congestion by using technology to vary speed limits. They also allow the hard shoulder to be used as a running lane to create additional capacity. They deliver these benefits at a significantly lower cost than conventional motorway widening and with less impact on the environment during construction. The project’s aim is to relieve congestion and improve journey time reliability. The benefits will also improve economic development within the region.


Duration: October 2013 to Spring 2015


Roocroft Scope of Works and Duration:

  • Install 22km of new steel Vehicle Restraint Systems

  • Install 90 new Terminals

  • Install 261no connections and transitions to existing and new Vehicle Restraint Systems

  • April 2014 to November 2014