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Dual CSB



 Protection for lighting columns


Adjacent to structures


Level difference between




Where space permits, dual CSB will accommodate level differences between carriageways, lighting columns and cables between the barriers and protect maintenance workers.

Bifurcation and Change of Alignment



Transition to dual barrier 


Central reserve crossover 


Change of set-back

Bifurcation and change of set-back are most commonly used to accommodate bridge piers and other localised hazards. This is required when the pier or gantry leg has insufficient resistance to withstand impact thus requiring a secondary structure as protection.


Barrier alignment can be changed to allow CSB to cross the central reserve when set-back changes from one carriageway to the other. CSB can also be locally widened, to accommodate signs or gantries mounted on CSB, and to interface with bridge piers or gantry bases that are capable of withstanding full impact loads.





Certified to EN1317-5:2007

Containment level


Working Width




* The barrier will be deemed as H2W1 under the requirements of EN1317-5:2010 with a vehicle intrusion of VI2.

Highway Solution Benefits


A tested and complete solution


CE mark on installed 'as-tested' solution


Minimal Maintenance


Serviceable life of at least 50 years (for CSB)


High containment (H2) reduces risk of crossover accidents


Economic and sustainable


Rapid and easy installationSpace savingLow whole-life cost


Reduced traffic congestion - fewer lane closures


Designed to redirect errant vehicles


Variety of solutions


Improved worker safety - fewer interventions for repair


Reduced risk of impact injuries to motorcyclists because of its smooth face